Preview Response

Justice / Law

Benny Tai Yiu Ting (戴耀廷)

Formerly Associate Professor in Law at the University of Hong Kong


As a scholar studying the rule of law, the Justice Preview provides clear ideas on the concept of justice and rights and their inter-relationships. It confirms my understanding that the law should protect all the rights that a human person deserves to enjoy as a dignified being.

The Preview mentions that the Old Testament urges social (systemic) justice and condemn social (systemic) injustice in the laws and the social practices. It is very relevant to my work on the rule of law as it concerns systemic issues.

I am a social activist fighting for the political rights, the rule of law and autonomy of Hong Kong people. I advocate the principle of civil disobedience as the guiding principle of the political movements in Hong Kong. Removing injustice is an integral part of the principle of civil disobedience as it justifies the unlawful action of protesters.

The Preview mentions that whenever human beings interact with each other, they are divinely called to treat other justly. Systemic change is not sufficient to mend injustice in society. There must also be a cultural change in society. My work with social movements, teaching and other community activities are actually different forms of civic education aiming to shape the legal culture of the Hong Kong society to embrace the value of justice.