The Faculty Initiative envisages two sets of outcomes by 2030.


At 20-30 leading research universities worldwide there will be some combination of:

  • At least one established or senior scholar committed to leadership in fostering development of a Christian mind in her/his university
  • An established forum (e.g., periodic conferences) led by academics that   discusses key issues of the university for graduate students and faculty
  • Scholarly circles where graduate students and faculty explore together theological intersections in their common research interests
  • At least one graduate student group that meets regularly and includes within its activities the thoughtful engagement of scholarship with faith
  • High quality courses on the Christian academic vocation in academic institutions

Global Resources

The Faculty Initiative will have delivered to Christian students, staff and faculty worldwide, in six UN languages:

  • Theology Briefs – a new form of theological content, written by leading theologians, on (a) theologies of creation, fall, reconciliation and hope; (b) grand themes (e.g., awe, beauty, flourishing, justice, order); and (c) the virtues (e.g., charity, gratitude, humility)
  • Disciplinary Briefs -- responses by scholars from disciplines across the faculties of research universities from their current research and writing projects
  • One or more Guides and/or short courses about how students and faculty can engage the university and develop a Christian mind organized:
    • By theology (e.g., Justice) with a spectrum of disciplinary engagements
    • By faculty (e.g., Architecture, humanities, fine arts, public policy, physical and life sciences, law, medicine, engineering) across the spectrum of theologies