The Faculty Initiative seeks to promote the integration of Christian faith and academic disciplines by bringing theologians into conversation with scholars across the spectrum of faculties in research universities worldwide.


The Faculty Initiative responds to widely expressed Needs

  • For scholars and students to “think Christianly” or to “develop a Christian mind” or “to integrate faith and learning”
  • For Christian scholars to develop theological capacities for engagement in their fields
  • For theologians to be more directly engaged with the leading edges of scholarship in research universities
  • For a heightened presence of Christian faculty in research institutions worldwide
  • For new, high-quality, readily-accessible theological content to stimulate Christian engagement with scholarly frontiers of research, practice and writing 


To meet these needs the Faculty Initiative pursues mutually supportive Goals

  • Identifying and stimulating scholars with orthodox Christian commitments to ‘think Christianly’ about the leading edges of their scholarship in research universities
  • Stimulating the development of new theological content and fresh rethinking of disciplinary work through a heightened theological sensibility
  • Developing pedagogically valuable materials for a Christian university presence
  • Calling senior faculty to new chapters of Christian service in research universities


Through the development of theological understanding and disciplinary encounters, the Faculty Initiative seeks to yield Impacts that:

  • Cultivate the inner integrity of the individual academic - bringing into an integral relationship the scholarly and faith dimensions of one's person
  • Influence an academic's scholarly agenda, research, writings and teaching
  • Shift a scholar's field through agenda-setting, or new concepts, theory and research methods, whether explicitly or implicitly in the name of our faith
  • Shape how scholarship is done - through teaching, mentorship, collaboration
  • Expand the presence of faith-infused dialogue and orientations within a scholar’s academic institution and academic fields