Osam Temple

  • Philosophy, Bakke Graduate University

  • Formerly Professor of Philosophy, American University of Nigeria


Professor Temple is currently the Executive Chair of the Society of Christian Scholars, and also the Anglophone Africa regional Representative of Global Scholars. He is a Professor of Philosophy and a known voice on Leadership Ethics in Africa. Until recently, he was the Special Adviser to Nigeria’s Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria and Professor of Philosophy at the American University of Nigeria.

For well over 25 years, Professor Temple has had experience in University teaching, research and administration in various Universities in Africa, Asia and Australia. He has also conducted several training sessions which have contributed immensely to the development of Leadership ethics in organizations across cultures. His training workshops include Public Ethics training for Nigeria Police; Ethics policy for the Niger Delta region; Leadership Seminar for Global Leadership Institute, Kyunggido, South Korea; Toncia Energy Leadership Training for oil executives in Dubai, UAE and Global Leadership Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Professor Temple was a regular columnist for the Nigerian Chronicle Newspaper and has also written several poems. Among his notable works are “Metaphysical Challenges of Ethical Leadership in Africa”, Leadership Volume 8, Number 1 2012 and the international edition of The Outrageous Idea of a Missional Professor, (Bonn, Germany: Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft, 2019).

Academic biography


Research topics

  1. How do ordinary believers develop a personal and more intimate relationship with God within the huge machinery of the contemporary church structure? How does the non-western church cope with the dominant theological understanding of Jesus that is largely influenced by the scientific rationalism of the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment?
  2. How can Christian scholars integrate faith and scholarship in secular university environments? How can they deal with the several moral challenges they confront in their relationship with students, colleagues and institutions?

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