Luke Glanville

  • Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations, Australian National University


His research variously explores the history, ethics, law, and politics of mass atrocity prevention, humanitarian action, and refugee protection. He is the author of Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect: A New History (University of Chicago Press, 2014), the co-editor of books on international child protection, forced displacement, and the international law of human protection, and the author of numerous articles in journals including European Journal of International Relations, European Journal of International Law, Ethics & International Affairs, and Studies in Christian Ethics. 

Academic biography

Research topics

  1. Examining the history of thinking about duties to strangers and foreigners, focusing on natural law thinking, from Cicero and the church fathers through to Grotius, Vattel, and Kant.
  2. Examining the political, legal, and ethical dimensions of the responsibilities of sovereign states for the care and protection of vulnerable people beyond their borders, and examining the nature of global responsibilities more generally.
  3. Examining 16th century Spanish theological debates about the justice of the Spanish conquests in the Americas. 
  4. Examining political-theological responses to the global refugee crisis. 

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