Erin Goheen Glanville

  • Lecturer, Global Citizens, Coordinated Arts Program, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada


She is the primary investigator for “Digital Storytelling as a Method for Refugee Dialogue in Canada,” a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University (2017-2019), and editor of Countering Displacements (2012), a multi-author volume centring the creativity of indigenous and refugee-ed communities. Erin is a community-engaged scholar and partners regularly with refugee claimant communities in her neighbourhood. She is on the Board of Kinbrace Community Society and also runs community workshops based on her doctoral research on refugee fiction.

Academic biography

Research topics

Questions I'm looking at that relate to justice:

  • How to do community-engaged research with refugees ethically and relationally.
  • How to turn critical theory about globalization and migration into creative storytelling in order to create a counterculture rather than a critiquing culture
  • How to enact a critical refugee studies approach in the classroom and research processes
  • How to produce media that platforms refugee perspectives without making refugee 'issues' hypervisible at the expense of the people behind the label; how to create media that invites dialogue rather than ideological shaming
  • What it means to be a Christian scholar committed to decolonizing research

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Discipline(s): Social Sciences
Theology: Justice