Jonathan Brant

  • Chaplain, The Oxford Pastorate

  • Theology Faculty, University of Oxford

  • Research Fellow, Harris Manchester College, Oxford


He conducts research as a member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion and the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life, covering two main areas of enquiry: (1) The theology of culture: especially, the thought of Paul Tillich; contemporary literature and film; the use of empirical / qualitative research in theology; and construals of freedom in contemporary narrative fiction. (2) The theory and practice of moral formation / character development: specifically, the question of what resources might be offered to Oxford University postgraduates to help them develop into wise thinkers and good leaders who may be expected to have a beneficial impact around the world throughout their careers. Jonathan also serves as Oxford Pastorate Chaplain.  The Oxford Pastorate is an Anglican trust, established in 1893, which provides extra, non-college-based chaplains for Oxford University students.  Since 2008 it has focused on serving the postgraduate student community, particularly those in the newer, postgraduate-only colleges where there are no chaplains.

Academic biography

Research topics

Within the discipline of Christian theology, I am currently working on: 

  1. Virtue ethics, particularly practical strategies for the formation of students as wise thinkers and good leaders able to contribute to the common good 
  2. Freedom, what virtues are required for the flourishing of highly-educated, cosmopolitan young people who experience a degree of freedom unknown in human history 
  3. Culture and the arts, particularly a theology of documentary cinema, what can theologians / Christians learn from documentary practice and vice versa 

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